Taking Flight


Phew! We’ve been busy! There’s been a flurry of activity behind the scenes at HEARTRAGEOUS Life since we went live about a month ago.

Here’s what’s taking flight in the next few weeks:

  • Stories of triumph over tragedy, of risk versus regret, and of smashing expectations from women just like you who are daring to share so that others may be inspired to live from their hearts. We’ll share personal, vulnerable and authentic stories such as

    • A woman who faced her addiction in order to make healthier, heart-led choices to find self-love and return to her passion for songwriting and singing. (Watch for her album to drop early next year!)

    • A woman who found her own healing (and created a business to heal others) as she faced the real possibility of losing her husband to mental illness.

    • A woman who found and followed her light to a career empowering women to follow theirs and tell their soul stories.

    • A woman who dealt with a heartbreaking loss no mother wants and found strength and meaning in the death of her baby daughter.

    • And many more!

  • Do you have a story to share? Please do, over here. You might be the inspiration, the spark of hope and strength, to another woman who’s dealing with a similar challenge or choice. Your story matters. Telling your story is powerful.

  • And finally…. We know a lot of women struggle to feel and act courageous — to speak their minds, to demand what they want or need, to take that leap of faith or to follow a dream. That’s why we’re launching a 4-week virtual course to kick-start your HEARTRAGEOUS Life! Awaken Your Courage is open for enrolment! We’re limiting it to 8 women for our January 8 start date, so grab your spot!

We’d love to keep growing the HEARTRAGEOUS community. You can help!

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We can’t wait to hear what you think about what’s coming next at HEARTRAGEOUS Life — comment here or @HeartrageousLiving.

In gratitude and with love,