Jenn's Story: Exponential Healing

Photo courtesy Jenn Rennebohm

Photo courtesy Jenn Rennebohm

Jenn Rennebohm is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and believer in curiosity being the creator of your own mental wellness. She is married to Todd and together they have two boys and two dogs.

My family is facing, overcoming and creating mental wellness. Our journey has definitely been a combination of obstacles, challenges, choices, fears, and unknowns. Each one has played an important role in getting us to where we are today which is living more from the heart, more calmly, and with more joy.

We needed to face and begin to create mental wellness because the health and well-being of all the members of my family (mine, my husband, and my children) were at stake. And more specifically, the life of my husband was truly at stake. His depression and anxiety had gotten to a point where he considered and attempted to take his life on more than one occasion.

I also began to have physical symptoms in my body that were being caused by stress. With Todd unwell, two small children, and my health beginning to go down the tubes, I knew I needed to start taking action.

Photo courtesy Jenn Rennebohm

Photo courtesy Jenn Rennebohm

The huge action for me was to begin taking responsibility for my own pain and the role it was playing in my life. I began to explore options outside of what western medicine/thinking/ paradigm was able to offer in addition to receiving help from those modalities. This was how I found BodyTalk.

And within a few sessions I started to notice differences. They were subtle at first but those subtle differences were the foundation for the larger ones that came later. Within a few more sessions I no longer needed medication that had been prescribed for my stomach.

Our whole family started to have regular sessions. When I began to be certified as a BodyTalk practitioner, another modality called Conscious Living Investigation came into my life, and things began to change even more quickly.

I began to understand more and more that everything going in my life had a root. The root was being held somewhere in my conscious or subconscious mind and if I worked with my innate wisdom/healing through BodyTalk or CLI to resolve or pull the root then I would see/experience/feel differently in my physical body and physical environment.

A lot of my pain was being held in Todd and his in me, so with us both resolving our individual pain, it really began to change things. And again with each BodyTalk session or CLI the foundation kept building and it eventually led to Todd taking the steps to enter an addiction treatment facility for self-medication with alcohol and marijuana. His recovery has been a huge part in creating in his own mental wellness, and our family's too.

My biggest fear was that at some point we would lose Todd.

My lowest and most challenging moments were all of the times I felt helpless. There were lots of those especially when I/we were relying only on things outside of us to provide healing.

By turning inward, we found true healing. 

Photo courtesy Jenn Rennebohm

Photo courtesy Jenn Rennebohm

I turned to curiosity and I really relied on that and found strength in it. Curiosity led me to BodyTalk, to CLI, to yoga, to meditation, to authors like Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle.

I really began to get curious about myself and why was this happening FOR me instead of why was this happening TO me. Why was this pain here? What is it trying to show me? Just questioning everything. And also giving the pain space and allowing it to be there instead of trying to mask it or bottle it up.

I am still on this journey but I've found the more I practice these things the easier the walk has become. I am way more aware and open to exploring.

Through this journey, I have become more open, way less anxious, and more accepting of all of me. I have gained so much, most of all, that anything is possible. You know that feeling from when you were a kid. That gets shown to me each day when I'm working with clients.

The advice I would give to another woman or to a younger me would be to get curious and stay curious. That was my biggest lesson/realization. That if the shit is hitting the fan, you probably missed some sign of it so now it's time to buckle up, get curious and find out what's up.

If you can do it with curiosity, I've found it's easier to not get stuck in blame and shame of yourself or others.

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