The HEARTRAGEOUS Life Womanifesto


I am human and I matter; my rights and freedoms are equal to those of all other humans

I am enough, and most often, I am MORE than enough

My thoughts, ideas and experiences are valid and worthy

I no longer live in distraction; I make the best use of my talents and skills to do my most important work

I no longer am small, quiet, agreeable and polite for the sake of keeping others happy and comfortable

I claim my voice and my power, in whatever form it takes, and speak my truth, because I have something to say

I am done with letting fear guide me; I may feel afraid, but I do the scary thing anyway

I make choices that are true to me, that express my authentic self

I no longer limit myself to the confines of my society’s / family’s / workplace’s / religion’s / relationship’s expectations of who and what I am allowed to be

I write the rules of my life, and in so doing, create space and courage for others to do the same

In the spirit of sisterhood and for all of humankind, I strive to awaken, inspire, uplift, include, evolve; I am committed to personal growth and supporting the growth and evolution of others

I channel the rage of my heart to move through me and into the world so I may lead by example to create positive change and leave the world better than I found it

I live from my heart


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